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Poverty and Mental Illness: A Strong Link

07 Nov 2016

Does poverty cause mental illness? Despite high rates of both poverty and mental disorders around the world, researchers only started probing the possible links about 25 years ago, according to this piece by NPR. Since then, evidence has piled up … Continue reading

Meditation Brings Stress Relief to Prisoners

31 Oct 2016

Prisoners who practice meditation twice a day experience less stress and fewer mental health issues than inmates who don’t meditate, according to study results reported in an article in Reuters. Prisoners in the meditation group reported significantly larger reductions in … Continue reading

The Toxic Nature of Perfectionism

21 Oct 2016

The Guardian recently published a piece on perfectionism, which can lead to such mental health issues as depression, anxiety, and more. According to the piece, perfectionism mostly affects women. A U.S. survey in 2009 found that women are  more likely … Continue reading

Training Your Brain To Be Fearless

18 Oct 2016

It sounds almost too good to be true but it’s possible, according to new research reported in the Huffington Post. Turns out our stresses and anxieties have one thing in common: they are sensed by a pair of patches of … Continue reading