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Facebook May Be Making You Depressed

23 Feb 2017

Well it’s been confirmed: all the time spent on Facebook isn’t helping your mental health, according to an article in Bravo. Turns out Facebook envy is a real thing and people who suffer from it are unhappy and likely depressed, … Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Can Help With Depression

16 Feb 2017

The association between diet and risk of depression has been known for some time and now the latest research has found a healthy Mediterranean-style diet can reduce depressive symptoms, according to this article in SBS. Director of Deakin’s Food and … Continue reading

Does Running Help You Treat Depression?

07 Feb 2017

Running is often mentioned as a way to lessen the effects of depression, according to this article in Women’s Running. “We all feel bad at times,” says Dr. Glenn Geher, professor and chair of psychology at the State University of … Continue reading

How a Hoarder Sees Their Belongings

03 Feb 2017

Hoarders are those who have an uncontrollable urge to accumulate possessions and experience mental anguish at the thought of parting with them. Until 2013, the mental health world considered hoarding disorder to be one version of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. … Continue reading