AUTHORSThink Piece Publishing was founded by Adam Wahlberg to promote mental health advocacy through the arts. So far we’ve had the joy of working with Julie Barton, who shows us how animals can be therapeutic in Dog Medicine: Janet Burroway, who walks us through terrible grief in Losing TimShannon Cuthrell, who turns bipolar disorder into poetry in The Great Repression; Adam Levy, who assesses his son’s suicide in Naubinway, Andy Steiner, who distills the wisdom of trauma survivors in How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People; Mark Mallman, who writes about how music helped him process grief in The Happiness Playlist; and more. You can find their extraordinary works here.

We also hope you’ll check out our Blog, which is where we share new thinking on mental health issues. We’d particularly love it if you’d hit our TP Interviews series, which is where we speak with such authors as Ryan Berg, Marya Hornbacher, Leslie Jamison, and Andrew Solomon. Amazing people.

And Events. We’ll put them on, like Prose and Pints, and we hope you’ll come. They’re a blast.

We admire people who look at life’s challenges with clear eyes and a full heart and share their story. We hope you’ll do the same. We’re glad you’re here.