Mountain Biking and Mental Health: A Vigorous Connection

So much to admire about the article that Tom Johnstone wrote about mountain biking and mental health for Single Track World. He shares the following in the piece. “Statistics show that I am more likely to die from suicide than anything else at this stage in my life. Many of the people I ride with are in the same category as me (male, aged 20-34) and even with all the huge steps forward we have made with mental health, how are we still not tackling this in a more head-on manner? We all wear seatbelts, we wear helmets and have made smoking a taboo action, but statistically none of that stuff is as important as looking after each other, providing an open and positive support network to our friends and family. Maybe it’s time to stop standing at the bottom of the elite performance pedestal, staring blinkingly up at the bright lights of unachievable performance above us, and to start looking around us to our mates and riding partners. Maybe it’s time we take more notice when they’re on top form and trying to beat them down the hill, but also noticing when they don’t seem to be 100 person and finding a way to tell them ‘you’re not alone, lets go ride our bikes and if you want to talk I’m ready to listen.’ And not having a choice is key. It’s easier to stay at home and be depressed than it is to go outside in the wind and rain and ride your bike. But at times like that riding your bike can often be the best thing you can do.”

Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing