Howie Mandel on Mental Health: ‘You Need To Find Coping Skills’

Howie Mandel and his son Alex are appearing around the country and talking about how their family deals with issues relating to OCD and ADHD. “My OCD is not any better than it’s ever been,” says Howie in an interview with the Montreal Gazette. “But I am under control and I’m medicated. I’m fine and I’m functioning.”

“I have OCD as well,” Alex says. “Our conditions don’t get better – it’s just a matter of us learning to cope.”

Howie says he and Alex are appearing to open up a dialogue about mental illness, which still carries a stigma. He also shares that he feels mental health is the key to world peace.

“No matter where I’ve been, what life has really taught me is that we all have a cross to bear,” Howie shared in the article. “You don’t have to have OCD, depression or anxiety to recognize the importance of mental health. We are all affected and we all need to find the coping skills to be the most productive, happy people we can be.”

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Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing