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How Rapper 360 Survived His Secret Codeine Addiction and Got Clean

21 Jan 2016

Rapper 360’s slow, tentative recovery from addiction began on the floor of the Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay. It was January 2015. He was part-way through a 16-date tour of regional Australia, travelling the country with a half-suitcase of clothes and a half-suitcase of painkiller medication.

Good news on addiction?

18 Dec 2015

Can there possibly be good news on the opioid epidemic?

I think so.

On Dec. 11, at the University of Toledo’s Scott Park campus, Toledo might have turned the corner in the fight against opioid addiction.

Habits, addiction, ego and mental illness

05 Dec 2015

One of the biggest challenges people with mental illness face are references to being cured. The illnesses can be treated and controlled , but they do not go away. Donald Trump was right.

People who have personality disorders appear normal and accomplished, and their accomplishments can make them feel above others. They see everyone else, not themselves, as needing treatment. It is very different from having a big ego.



In heroin crisis, white families seek gentler way on drugs

01 Nov 2015

When Courtney Griffin was using heroin, she lied, disappeared, and stole from her parents to support her $400-a-day habit. Her family paid her debts, never filed a police report and kept her addiction secret — until she was found dead last year of an overdose.