Janet Burroway’s ‘Losing Tim’ Wins Rave in Yale Alumni Magazine

Janet Burroway

Janet Burroway’s grief and suicide memoir Losing Tim is featured in a rave review in the Nov/Dec edition of Yale Alumni Magazine. An excerpt:

“Burroway writes movingly of her son’s childhood love of soldiers and toy guns, his integrity and loyalty and idealism. She recounts what she believes is significant, while constantly reminding herself that she doesn’t know what was significant, that after a suicide everything looks significant. Losing Tim is a fiercely personal book, and it’s also universal—a profound exploration of loss, of the unexpected ways in which grief hits us, of the love between parents and children, of the snarled mystery of suicide, and of the lethally romantic mythologies of war. Burroway’s portrait of Tim is all the more powerful because, as much as she knows about her son and his PTSD, she is scrupulously honest about what is unknowable. She cannot tell us everything. What she can tell—with precision, clarity, and devastating impact—is the truth.”

Losing Tim Cover

Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing