Dr. Adam Strassberg’s Opinion: Read Julie Barton’s ‘Dog Medicine’

JulieWe’ve been sharing a lot of praise from literary types about Julie Barton’s memoir Dog Medicine. Today we want to share the feedback of Dr. Adam Strassberg, a prominent psychiatrist in the Bay Area. We greatly admire Dr. Strassberg’s writing, which often appears in such national publications as Psychology Today. Here’s what he had to say about Julie’s book and its potential to serve as a therapeutic tool. Lovely, no?

“Julie Barton’s Dog Medicine provides a detailed and engaging account of a young adult suffering through a first episode of major depression. The etiology of Barton’s major depressive disorder is multifactorial, and her narrative gives due consideration to the various biological, environmental, situational and psychological factors that contributed to her mental illness. She recovers from her depression with the help of medication and psychotherapy and the help of a powerful force — the love of a dog. Over the years I have lost count of the number of my patients who report their lives having been saved by love for their dog or their cat. Our mammalian companion animals are literally ‘bred’ to be perfect therapists: unconditionally loving, accepting, great at listening, warm, cuddly, always attentive, ever present, ready for petting. Barton’s love of her dog Bunker pulled her through her darkest depressive episodes and out into the light. I recommend getting a dog or a cat to all my patients who have the resources and room for such a commitment. I will now recommend Barton’s Dog Medicine as well.”





Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing