Adam Levy’s ‘Naubinway’ is Getting International Raves

AdamSoulIt’s just so wonderful reading all the glowing international coverage of Adam Levy’s masterpiece Naubinway, which looks at his son Daniel’s struggle with mental illness and suicide. Just this week we’ve read glowing reviews from Australia, England and Germany, among other places, all hailing the record’s beauty and versatility. We’re so proud to be associated with it. Here’s what they’re saying:

  • “There is no categorizing Naubinway. Quite frankly it defies being put in a box. Levy is a master craftsman and every song has a personality unto itself. This is a perfect record with endless replay value that is worthy of your time and money.” Shannon Cowden, Indiemunity, out of Australia. Read full review.
  • Naubinway is full of thoughtful, loving and sometimes sad reflections on a father losing his son, the void that creates and the emotions it kicks up. The CD packaging is covered with Daniel Levy’s weird and arresting depictions of skeletons robed like Mexican cowboys and the identity of the record is so wrapped up in this artist, his life and death, one cannot help but be drawn to ‘Naubinway’ as an artifact as much as a recording of some great Americana.” Matthew Boulter, Americana-UK, out of England. Read full review.
  • “The great thing about Naubinway is that even though it starts out slowly it explores elements of a life lived and being loved. Levy is in top form, with gorgeous ballad ‘Marigold’ and the casual brilliance of ‘Handful of Sand.’ But he brings us back into focus with the powerful title track, a brutally honest display.   Powerpopaholic, out of Germany. Read full review.


Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing