Have a Mental Illness and Worried About Travel? Worry Not

Major life events, such as travel to unfamiliar places, can lead to an increase in general anxiety and the exacerbation of mental illness symptoms.

According to the World Health Organization, mental illness constitutes one of the three main health crises encountered in air travel. But there are precautions that can be taken to ensure to safe travel if you suffer from such conditions as depression or bipolar disorder, according to this article in Psychiatric Times.

People are advised to travel with prescriptions and doctors’ letters that explain their need for medications. Make sure to have medical insurance to cover the cost of hospital treatment in a foreign country, as well as potential emergency repatriation, should these prove necessary. For individuals who receive injections, time the injections to fit the patients’ travel plans and arrange for blood tests at the destination site to monitor patients.


Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing