Apps That May Help With Anxiety and Depression

A new study suggests that a free suite of mobile apps may provide relief from depression and anxiety symptoms, according to an article in Motto. The 13 mini-apps, collectively known as IntelliCare, were designed by Northwestern clinicians and based on techniques currently used by therapists. They are free of charge and available on GooglePlay; iOS versions will be available soon.

To see how well the apps worked on real-life users, the developers recruited 96 people with elevated symptoms of depression or anxiety. After using the apps for eight weeks, the study participants reported a 50 percent reduction, on average, in those symptoms.

Although the results are short-term and preliminary, the developers say this level of improvement is comparable to what’s expected for in-person therapy or antidepressant medication for mental health conditions.

Programs in the IntelliCare suite include “Daily Feats,” which was designed to motivate users by adding worthwhile and rewarding activities to their day; “Purple Chill,” which includes audio recordings and guided exercises; “Slumber Time,” designed to help users sleep better; and “My Mantra,” which helps users create motivating mantras to highlight their strengths and values.

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Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing