Praise: Losing Tim

Losing Tim CoverThanks to these amazing authors who read an advance copy of Janet Burroway’s Losing Tim and offered a blurb. We’re beyond grateful for their kind words and support.

An Elegy And A Call To Action

As tender-hearted and yet hard-eyed a book as I have ever read. Janet Burroway’s Losing Tim is a Pieta in words in honor of a son who succumbed while fighting wars in two theaters, public and private. This book is both an elegy and a call to action by one of our finest writers who addresses us from the deepest place imaginable in a voice that is loving, memorable and overflowing with generosity.

A Soul-Searching Book And A Blessing For All

Janet Burroway’s hard cruel labor as a writer-mother has set forth a second and final birth, her son Tim risen from the darkness into the light, as all our dead are, born again, again, when we tell their stories. I cannot express my gratitude for Ms. Burroway for writing this soul-searching book, a comfort to no one yet a blessing for all.

A Book That Brings Piercing Clarity To What It Means To Love and Lose

Janet Burroway, a masterful shaper of stories, examines the loss of her son with an archaeologist’s precision and care, writing of Tim in a voice stripped of sentimentality, unyielding in its inquiry, and shot through with the pure, sharp love of a mother. This book brings a piercing clarity to what it means to lose, to grieve, to give everything, and to love.

The Pain Recalls Homer's Iliad

There is a lot of pain in this book, but the beauty and artistry of the writing make it endurable without sentimental sleight of hand. To me, the pain recalls Homer’s Iliad, in which, as James Tatum puts it in The Mourner’s Song, “the beauty [of the poetry] is in the killing.”