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The Think Piece Interview: Caroline McGraw

17 Nov 2013

Caroline McGraw has been fascinated with her brother Willie, who has autism, pretty much her own life. She’s written about him extensively, including in the lovely Think Piece Publishing digital single “I Was a Stranger to Beauty.” In 2011 she … Continue reading

The Adam Levy Video Interview (Part Two)

08 Aug 2013

More insights from musician Adam Levy about the grief over the death of his son, Daniel, who suffered from bipolar disorder and committed suicide at the age of 21. “His exit was a complete, well-planned event.”

The Think Piece Interview: Dan Buettner

10 Jul 2013

It’s hard to picture Dan Buettner sitting. After all, this is the guy who traveled the globe for several years searching for the secrets to longevity and happiness, and turned his findings into the best-selling The Blue Zones. He also … Continue reading